Cylinder Head , Crack Detection and Repair

The cylinder head is an important component in your car engine's operation and performance. Your head gasket seals the cylinder head; there is an opening in your cylinder that allows coolant to transfer through the head and the engine block. Coolant cools the engine by flowing around the cylinder head and engine block along galleries. Separate galleries carry oil. The cylinder head gasket ensures that there is a tight seal to keep the high pressure of the combustion chamber at the top of the cylinder separate from the coolant and the oil. If you are having problems with your car cylinder and/or head gasket, the detection and repair of these issues will keep your car cool and running properly. Since the car cylinder and the head gasket are different parts, the cost to repair each is different. Engine Block Crack Detection.

Once a cylinder head gasket has failed it is not un common for the cylinder head to crack or become damaged. T G Norris have all the state of the art tools and test equipment to refinish and repair the cylinder head. Every cylinder head that we repair under goes a final pressure test to ensure that it is 100% repaired.

Engine Block Repair

The engine block holds the main components of the engine including the pistons and crankshaft. The engine block is also responsible for containing the huge torque generated in changing the reciprocating motion of the pistons into the rotary motion of the crankshaft which makes the flywheel turn and then the gearbox.In any engine that stress can manifest it self as cracks in the engine block casing. Whether the engine block is made of cast iron, steel or aluminum at T G Norris we have the specialist equipment required to repair these blocks. We specialize if classic one off engine block repairs.

So do not throw out that engine block give us a call we might be able to repair it good as new!

Collection and delivery

We do offer a collection and delivery service for Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks however, this is restricted to the Melksham, Wiltshire area. If you are just outside Wiltshire give us a call and we might be able to do something for you otherwise a courier can be used to arrange delivery. please contact us first to discuss what it is you have and require doing. Please note that we are not responsible for arranging any courier and it will be your responsibility to arrange collection even in the rare case that we cannot carry out a repair..